Our Founder’s Journey: From Frustration to Innovation


The Spark of Passion

It all started on a crisp morning at a local golf course—when John, a budding golf enthusiast, first swung a club. The game quickly turned into a passion, with every free moment dedicated to honing his skills. However, John soon realized that his real challenge was not in the swing, but on the green. Putting, the most delicate and nuanced part of golf, became his obsession.

The Quest for Improvement

John spent years and thousands of euros trying every putting mat on the market. Yet, nothing seemed to work as promised. Each product brought its own set of frustrations—from poor build quality to unrealistic turf response. His putting didn’t improve, and his love for golf began to wane under the weight of constant disappointment.

The Turning Point

Driven by his struggle, John’s fascination with golf evolved into a mission. If he couldn’t find the perfect putting mat, he would create it. Armed with a deep understanding of a golfer’s needs and an undying passion for the sport, John set out to design the ultimate putting solution. He poured over every detail—from the turf’s texture to the base’s stability, ensuring that every aspect was engineered to replicate the real green experience.

The Birth of KurePutting

Thus, KurePutting was born. John’s commitment was simple: to craft putting mats that truly reflected the dynamics of a golf course. Using only premium materials and cutting-edge design, KurePutting began to reshape how golfers practiced their putts—from beginners trying to get the feel of the game to seasoned pros refining their technique.

Our Promise

Today, at KurePutting, we hold to John’s original vision: every golfer should have access to the best practice equipment, right in their home. We are proud to offer products that not only improve putting skills but also ignite passion for golf in hearts just like John’s.